TSG Heidelberg-Rohrbach Volleyball

Date: September 2014

Client: TSG Heidelberg-Rohrbach

Keywords: Sport centre website

Main features:
  • Large freedom of insertion and editing of content through a fast and intuitive interface
  • Object¬≠-oriented functionality allows one to administer the permission to each contributor for insertion and editing of content
  • Automatic formatting of entries

Website: https://www.tsgrohrbach-volleyball.de

TSG Heidelberg-­Rohrbach Volleyball is the volleyball department of sports club TSG Heidelberg-­Rohrbach, a sports club of the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany.


The sports club management personally deals with a large number of activities on the website including:

  • inserting news or game reports connected to the teams they supervise;
  • inserting photo albums of each event (matches, gatherings, trips);
  • administering their team page (adding or removing players, photos etc.);
  • updating the calendar of events.

These varied demands present considerable difficulties of implementation. It simultaneously requires wide freedom of action on the contents of the site, but also extreme simplicity of execution, because these tasks are carried out by people who have no professional experience in information technology.


To achieve these goals, the following functions have been implemented:

  • a control panel for uploading content, with the possibility of assigning different permissions for content management to various members of the sports club;
  • automatic formatting: the authors insert contents in plain text in the custom forms. The input is automatically converted and formatted on the site, to ensure uniformity and consistency between the pages;
  • automatic loading of the match schedule and results from the official website;
  • possibility to insert ads and notices to members of the club and its fans.