Date: February 2015

Client: Solido Booking GbR

Keywords: Booking System

Main features:
  • Customized one­step booking system.
  • Automatic connection to the Facebook page of the arena.


The laser tag game is proposed as a sport and a game at the same time and is suitable for people of all ages. This website was created for different Laser tag arenas and is not only used to advertise the games and events, but also as a complete system to handle all the online and on­site reservations.

Requirements and goals

The owners need to have a website to communicate with the players and a computer system for booking management.

For communication with the public it was requested that:

  • the website describes how the game works;
  • news management system interfaced with the most popular social networks;
  • inclusion of multimedia material (photos, videos);
  • inclusion of events and offers.

Along with the website a booking and management system for games with the following requirements was requested,:

  • wide flexibility, with the ability to enter various types of deals, with prices depending on the number of players and games, the day, the date/special occasions;
  • extreme ease of use, obtained by an interface that allows the user to quickly book one or more slots up to the maximum number of participants.


Zap15 fully designed the website of various laser tag arenas and ensures continuity of service, a key element in the case of online bookings.

The website, suitable and optimized for all devices, consists of a main page, from which the user can access the important sections (operation of the game, schedules, prices, interactive map) and the respective side pages, which explain the details.

The contents are inserted by the customer via a control panel with entry forms: the user is therefore not required to deal with the page formatting or content. The prominent features are:

  • new­s management system for the staff of the arena with direct connection and automatic Facebook page updates;
  • possibility of including image galleries of the arena and participants;
  • inclusion of special events quickly bookable from the site.

The site is completed by information on the structure and contacts.