Leisure Industry

Main features

  • Presentation and promotional responsive web platform
  • Custom booking systems

Entertainment companies (Bowling, Movie theaters, Laser tag, etc.) need websites whose main feature is to simplify and speed up the reservation process.

This process has to be strongly customized in order to fit to the particular features of every single activity.

For this range of companies, Zap15 offers:

  • reservation systems tailored to meet the specific needs of the various proposed activities; the singleĀ­step booking system allows the user to book one or more games by filling out a form, and the price is automatically updated with every change in the number of games and players;
  • links to social networks for publication of news and posting of events;
  • simple management of user registration including fast registration via social networks;
  • interface the management of reservations and members profiles (personal data, photos, bookings history, etc.);
  • interactive map;
  • personalized tickets (for gifts, corporate promotions, etc.).

Case studies